Meet Aidyn

A Series C Androgynous Android Assistant

You may have seen Aidyn in some of the posts and adverts for Artificial Negligence. It was also only too happy to pose for the cover of the book (for some inexplicable reason Aidyn just loves drawing cats).

Aidyn is my digital domestic assistant and is able to perform a wide range of domestic and administrative tasks, including trying to keep my schedule on track and taking messages.

Programmed to continually learn, we spend a considerable amount of time in Q&A sessions to help enhance its machine learning model and improve its interactions with others. It's not perfect yet though; for instance, when I asked it to take a seat for this picture, Aidyn asked me where it should take it.

Being so humanoid in appearance, Aidyn does tend to get treated a little bit like "one of the family", and you can learn more about that in the Anthropomorphism section of the book. Even Lily the dog seems to appreciate having it around.